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Adventure & Energy Snack Package

Are you planning on exploring, hiking, swimming or even zipping the Smokies? It’s an exhilarating experience doing one or all of those activities during your stay in the mountains, but it’s also pretty taxing on the body. You’ll need a bunch of energy to tackle the raw activities you can enjoy in East Tennessee and you won’t want to lose time in the grocery store.

That’s where our Energy Package comes in! This package includes:

* 12-pack water bottles.
* 10-pack granola bars variety pack.
* 5 lb. bag of oranges or apples.
* 2 pounds of bananas.
* Shelled peanuts (lightly salted).
* 10 oz. trail mix.
* 3-pack microwave popcorn.

$35.00 plus tax.

Call to Order.

Delivery Policy:  as;ldfhas;dfhasdkfahsdf

Start Right Breakfast Package

If the breakfast basics are what you need, then this package is for you! Start your day in the Smokies on the right foot with a wonderful breakfast in your own vacation rental or home residence with the shopping provided by Keli’s Grocery Delivery.

This package includes:

* 1 dozen eggs.
* 9 oz. pack of bacon.
* 1/2 gallon of milk.
* 1/2 gallon of orange juice.
* 1 brick of Columbia Roast coffee.
* 5 lb. bag of oranges or apples (your choice).
* 6 English muffins.
* 1 Country Crock.
* Large bag of frozen hash browns.

These items will be delivered in recyclable grocery bags and stocked in your cupboard.

$64.00 plus tax.

Delivery Policy:  as;ldfhas;dfhasdkfahsdf