Policies & Procedures or FAQs

1. Most orders are completed through telephone communication.   We very much appreciate your emails and welcome your questions, however to completely customize your order, we will want to talk personally. We do take most major credit cards and we will take that information over the telephone to keep your information safe.

We do allow payments through PayPal, please see our PayPal area once order is complete.

2. Orders must be received 24 hours in advance.  Shopping times are scheduled as orders come in and we need time to process your order so it is perfect for you when you arrive.

3. Local residents can set up one-time orders or regular orders according to your needs. We are happy to structure whatever type of plan may be most helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a minimum order amount?
Essentially, there is not a minimum order; however our price structure is set up so that it benefits you to make good use of the shopping time and get a complete order as you are paying for our time to do so. Minimum charge for materials of the order would be $25.00.

2. Do you have romance packages?
We are currently working on some excellent romance packages for picnic baskets and more. If you are interested in a honeymoon delivery or a romantic package for two, please contact us directly to completely customize your order.

3. Do you take credit cards?
We accept credit cards through PayPal.

4. Do you purchase specific brands?
We typically try to keep purchases name brand. If you request a certain brand, every effort will be made to select that brand. A second recommendation is appreciated. Certain fresh produce and bakery goods will be according to the most fresh deliveries of the day among our favorite shopping locations.

5. How Much Does it Cost?
We charge $20.00 per hour for our service. From the time we arrive at the store to shop and deliver it is a straight $20.00 per hour charge. We deliver within a 20 mile radius of stoplight #3 in Pigeon Forge for free. Outside of this delivery area we price by quote. Our prices reflect great value when compared to other shopping services in the area.

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